Why GetTested.com?

Choose GetTested.com for your private and anonymous STD testing

Best in class STD health screening from GetTested.com

Choose GetTested.com for your private and anonymous STD testing

National MD network deployed for test requisition and test result review

High QA/QC standards employed in kit components/assembly operations

Dedicated and responsive customer service

Trusted name – featured on well-known health & wellness/media channels

Anonymous & private testing

Only valid email required
(to create - Private account on GetTested.com)

Nondescript packaging used for test kit

Dedicated and responsive customer service

 Only you have access to your results


Safe and secure patient data

End to end data encryption for all patient and payment data

HIPAA compliant web and data storage platforms

Encrypted payment information


Online ordering (well-laid out, informative, & mobile friendly)

3 to 5-day turnaround from test collection

At-home sample collection (No appointments)

Downloadable results (certified by accredited and state-licensed MD)

World class clinical labs &

Physician network

CLIA-certified* and CAP-accredited** laboratory with trained personnel

One of the few labs to be CLIA certified across all 50 states of the USA

Over 100,000 STD tests performed successfuly at high clinical standards

Test requisition from licensed MD from your state

*Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments; **College of American Pathologists

Cost-effective solutions for sexual health

Affordable and comprehensive tests

For HIV positive test results, patients will receive dedicated counselling and medical advice from a licensed health practitioner via a phone call

Payments will be reimburseable/payable in the future through an FSA/HSA account/card. Stay tuned for more